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Private Intelligence Agency 

Predict, Prevent and 
Control Outcomes.


ESPION™ acquires, analyzes and advises on intelligence that can resolve disputes and mitigate risks.


Capitalize on highly strategic commercial outcomes, and opportunities with ESPION.

Globally Recognized Spyology.


Our services include identifying potential insider threats, such as individuals or groups who may be attempting to infiltrate an organization or steal information. We also provide security intelligence with services such as protective intelligence. In addition, digital intelligence such as social media monitoring, and corporate intelligence market analysis are all in our bailiwick.



ESPION acquires intelligence that can be put to critical analysis for actionable use.

Our analysis of intelligence can aid in delivering context to the intelligence we've gathered.


Our Incisive advisory service further refines our intelligence activities into practical use either now or in the future.

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Spy Catchers

Insider Threat Mitigation

Our services include identifying, deceiving, exploiting, disrupting, or protecting against espionage and other intelligence activities conducted by or on behalf of domestic or foreign powers, organizations, or individuals, as well as their agents. We address these activities both domestically and internationally, including sabotage and threats to life  and liberty.

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Independent Corporate Private Intelligence Agency

ESPION means intelligence. We're a can-do private intelligence organization that works across multiple disciplines in some pretty formidable environments. We take seriously our mantra to predict, prevent and control outcomes.


ESPION is ready to go in a moments notice. Once engaged, we are ready to go anywhere, anytime. 

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